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The Compliance Team

The Compliance Team Introduces Telepharmacy Standards
Telepharmacy has been around since 2001 (North Dakota was first) and has been growing at a steady rate. It came about in response to closures of rural and community pharmacies that left communities without a pharmacy. Currently, 23 states authorize telepharmacy locations, with regulations varying significantly from state to state.
What is telepharmacy?
Telepharmacy is a means of delivering pharmacist-related services (i.e., dispensing medications, patient counseling, drug therapy monitoring) via teleconferencing, video conferencing and specialized telepharmacy software. The remote dispensing site must have one or more certified pharmacy technicians on staff who work independently and coordinate with a licensed pharmacist.
Advantages of telepharmacy
  • It provides easy access to health care services to patients in areas where a full-service pharmacy is unavailable for various reasons.
  • Patients in rural communities will not have to drive great distances to pick up their prescriptions.
  • One pharmacist can support multiple facilities, based upon state regulation, from one central location.
  • Staffing becomes more affordable and you can increase your pharmacy’s profits.
  • You can add additional locations without the overhead of a full-service pharmacy.
  • You can improve efficiencies and workflow, allowing you to spend more time counseling patients or administering vaccinations.
Disadvantages of telepharmacy
  • Some may negatively view technology versus face-to-face human interaction.
  • The technology to implement telepharmacy can be costly.
  • It may be difficult to implement changes both for your staff and for your customers.
Why should you seek accreditation for your telepharmacy?
Accreditation gives you credibility and allows you to offer assurances to your patient population and referral sources that you are meeting or exceeding established quality standards.

Accreditation can also be advantageous when enrolling with various payer sources. Accreditation streamlines day-to-day operations, improving performance and patient care.

The Compliance Team offers Exemplary Provider® accreditation, unique within the industry. “Safety, Honesty, and Caring” is the focus of our quality standards, and ensures that patient care is the number one priority.

The Compliance Team’s quality standards are streamlined and tailored to your business model. The Compliance Team also serves as your national database for Patient Satisfaction Surveys and electronic benchmarking at no additional charge beyond the program fee. Customizable policy and procedure templates, self-assessment checklists, an advisor to provide mentoring, and an on-site evaluation are all included in our programs.

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